Harley Davidson, Lego and Guitars

2017-02-07 17:52:46

Marmomacc: a thousand shapes for natural stone

Marble racing on a Harley's two wheels or becoming a brick in the one of the world's most famous children's toys. Marmomacc in Verona sees natural stone re-invent itself by taking on the outlines of several famous cult icons.

For instance, "Marblego" stands in front of Hall 1 at Veronafiere: Lego bricks in 1:18 scale strictly carved in Carrara White marble, Verona Red marble, Nembro Rosato marble and Verde Alpi marble by theMarble School in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona).

Lego marble

The versatility of the material, combined with design and innovative processing and 3D technologies cutting, is highlighted by two works on show in Hall 5, the outcome of collaboration between Intermac-Donatoni and Generelli SA. And even American legend Harley Davidson succumbs to the charm of marble, with an 883 bike equipped with hyper-lightweight laminated natural stone accessories that do not increase weight or change of the bike's centre of gravity or safety. The Intermac-Donatoni stand also highlights first world's first prototypes of electric and bass guitars, with bodies finished in three mm thick marble.

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