CCPITBM vice president Wang Yao attended the 11th WTPO Conference in Marrakech

2017-03-16 14:27:38

On Nov.24, 2016 Mr.Wang Yao attended the 11th WTPO Conference in Marrakech.In the context of the in-depth development of world multi-polarization and economic globalization, innovative investment cooperation concept and new development of cross-border investment cooperation are the common aspiration of governments and enterprises. As a firm advocate and active promoter of multinational investment cooperation, China is adjusting and optimizing its economic structure and participating in international economic cooperation with more active
and responsible attitude through international production capacity cooperation. The CCPITBM is willing to work together with the United Nations International Trade Center and the world trade and investment promotion agencies, to build more platforms for exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises and make due contributions to the world economic development.

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