Keda 15th Year in India Celebrations

2017-03-23 13:36:55

At the night of March 06, 2016, Keda Group held its “15th Year in India Celebrations” in Metro Club of India. The president of Gujarat Polished Tiles Association Mr. K.G Kundaria, the president of Glazed Tiles Association Mr. Nilesh, and over 600 Indian representative clients attended the banquet.  

Vice CEO of Keda Group Mr. Wu Zhen expressed appreciations to Indian clients and friends who offered great support in the past 15 years. He emphasized the importance of technical research and innovation, and vowed Keda would provide much better services and cooperative opportunities.  

Mr. K.G Kundaria, the president of Gujarat Polished Tiles Association confirmed that, “As the leading supplier of ceramic machines and equipment, Keda Group contributed a lot to the development of Indian ceramic industry since 1995.” 

It’s estimated that up to now Keda Group sold 33 pressing machines, 42 ink-jet printing machines, 14 kilns, 217 polishing lines, 101 dry squaring & chamfering production lines, 131 wet-grinding lines, 28 Nano polishing lines, 18 automatic packaging lines, and etc., to India.

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