Iran Embassy--Iran Needs Advanced Ceramic Technology & Machines

2017-03-23 13:49:02

Iran is the largest country in the Mid-East concerning ceramic producing. It’s estimated that there are more than 100 large-scale ceramic companies, majorly locating in Yazd, Esfahan, Mashad and etc. Though Iran ranks the fourth in the board of annual quantity of ceramic tiles, it never produces machines. Currently, Iran is a vital market to China and Italy, which are the best suppliers for ceramic machines.

CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, the organizer of Ceramics China 2016, as the professional platform for promoting international trade and cooperation, has built close relationships with Iranian associations and government organizations. To know more information on Iran market, on Feb 29, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council paid a visit to Mr. Seyed R.S. Aghazadeh, the Commercial Counselor of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mr. Seyed R.S. Aghazadeh said, “The building industry and construction industry are comparatively stable in Iran. Iran is famous for producing ceramic tiles, but we need more advanced ceramic technologies and machines, especially those of environmental protection and high-efficiency automation.”  When referring to the policy of how to establish factories in Iran, Mr. Seyed R.S. Aghazadeh said, “There are some policies for encouraging investment. For details, Iran Embassy would be glad to cooperate with CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council and organize theme conference to introduce more information on Iran Market.”

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