Welcome to the 3rd edition of China Trade Week Kenya

2017-04-26 16:36:56

After an amazing opening event last year, we were thrilled with the response we received from the local community. As our first event in Kenya we were expecting around 3,000 visitors, however we reached over 16,500. This proved that this platform was required to bring together high-end Chinese manufacturers from China, and business owners and entrepreneurs from Kenya.
SME's wanted to purchase high volumes of products from China but didn't want to risk doing business with faceless companies online, or didn't have the time or funds to travel to China. China Trade Week brought 150 certified manufacturers to Kenya to connect the business community of both countries. The feedback we received last year was highly positive, as many exhibitors secured business prospects or left with the intention of setting up a local office.
China Trade Week 2017 promises to be bigger and better than before, with over 500 quality Chinese manufacturers showcasing thousands of products across a spectrum of industries.
After last year's feedback we have concentrated on 3 halls, building materials and energy in hall 1, and hall 2 dedicated to the lighting industry. In halls 3 we have something for everyone including auto parts, textiles, agriculture & machinery and of course electronics.
We also have seminars taking place in hall 1 giving experience and advice on how to practically and safely source products from China.
It is only with strong partnerships that we are able to attract the level of professionals to the event, so I would like to thank our partners KEPSA, KNCCI, KenInvest, EACCIA, CCPIT & KICC. I would also like to thank our exhibitors, visitors, speakers & everyone involved in making this event possible.

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