The glory trip of 2018 Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition - Indonesia station

2017-05-02 13:48:52

Now is March 14, 2017, and there are 441 days from the start time of 2018 CCPIT Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition (Biennale) , which will be hold on May 30, 2018. The hours trip rapidly away, however, the staffs of CCPIT Building Materials sub-council will effectively use this 441 days to continue the promotion around the world. After India station, CCPIT's staffs have arrived in Indonesia in March 16, ready for help our exhibitors to open the Indonesian market.
Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and it has the world's fourth largest population. Now Indonesia is revitalizing its development, with the goal of becoming one of the top ten global economies by 2025. At the same time, Indonesian President Sako announced the Indonesian government 2015-2019 economic development plan last year, GDP growth rate will gradually increase from 5% to 8%, and Indonesia’s future economic development will enter the fast lane.
Today’s Indonesia is very similar with china in 20 years ago. China. With the rapid economic growth, the construction of infrastructure and real estate is developing very fast, which will drive the large demand of ceramic products, ceramic equipment, raw materials and other related products. At present, Indonesia has about 50-60 ceramic manufacturers, most ceramic machinery and color glaze needs import from aboard. In recent years high cost-effective of Chinese ceramic glaze and ceramic equipment are more and more favored by the Indonesian market. The staffs of CCPIT Building Materials sub-council CCPIT will continue to lead China's ceramic enterprises into Indonesia and attract more Indonesian ceramic manufacturers to China through the platform  Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition.
The Indonesian Commercial Counselor in China Mr. Dan Dili is vey focus on the Chinese building materials industry, building materials industry is not only related with Indonesia’s infrastructure, but it is also related to the national economy and important industries. Mr. Dan said that they would increase the publicity and promotion of the 2018 Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition in Indonesia, organize the Indonesian delegation to visit the 2018 Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition, and reached a strategic cooperation with CCPIT Building Materials sub-council.
The Indonesian market will be rapid development in next decade; at the same time this decade is also the golden time for Chinese ceramic industry friends to open the Indonesian market. Let’s us work together, and create the brilliant future of Chinese pottery market in Indonesia.  

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